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Figure 1. Bone tissue growth on the coatednanosprings. There is bone cell extensions (filopodia) attached to the nanosprings along with the large amount of hydroxyapatite crystal                formation in the lower right corner.


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MJ3 Industries


MJ3 is proud to introduce Nanospring Enhanced Osseointegration Coatings, a breakthrough technology in orthopedic and dental implants. 

Orthopedic and dental implants represent a multi-billion dollar global industry and strong demand is being driven by an aging population and increase in degenerative joint diseases. Successful implant surgery can drastically improve a patient's quality of life by relieving pain and restoring mobility, but implant failures still occur at an unacceptably high rate (8-20%).  Statistics show that the number one cause of these failures is the lack of osseointegration, or failure of bonding between the patient's bone and implant. 

Our cutting edge research has created a highly versatile enhancement for orthopedic and dental implants. The nanomaterial coating can be used in any patient (animal or human) and has the potential to produce implants with lower failure rates, improved biocompatibility and a longer functional life. This will reduce the need for revisionary surgery and save billions per year in global healthcare costs.

MJ3's Nanospring Enhanced Osseointegration (NEO) coating is based on patent protected silicon dioxide nanosprings.  The size, shape and spiral design of the nanosprings are remarkably similar to collagen, the main protein found in bone.  The NEO coating is grown directly on the implant and puts in place a 3-dimensional scaffolding that accelerates bone formation and creates a stronger bond at the implant/bone interface.  This will reduce the risk of implant failure and shorten recovery time, allowing patients to return to work and their active lifestyles more quickly. 

  • Remarkably similar in size, shape and helical dimensions to Collagen-the natural building block of bone

  • Increases osseointegration between bone and implant

  • Can be used in any age, gender, species or health of patient

  • Ease of handling, storing, sterilization and surgical implantation

  • Can be grown directly on implants in a custom design

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Cataldo, Idaho 83810
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