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Market Opportunity

Orthopedic devices (veterinary and human) and dental implants (human) represent a multi-billion  dollar global industry.  One of the biggest challenges facing this market is premature implant failure caused by the lack of osseointegration, or bonding between the patient's bone and implant.  Osseointegration occurs at the nanoscale level, which is exactly where MJ3's nanospring enhanced osteogenic (NEO) implant coating excels!


The number of veterinary orthopedic procedures, including total and partial joint replacements, is on the rise due to the prevalence of animal obesity and degenerative joint diseases.  Over $1 billion is spent annually to treat canine knee (CCL) injuries alone.  Recent advances in veterinary orthopedics are starting to bridge the gap between human and veterinary medicine.  MJ3's NEO coating will be sold as an enhancement to existing orthopedic implants to accelerate bone healing and decrease the risk of implant failures.


Growth in the human orthopedic and dental implant markets is driven by the aging baby boomer population and rising incidence of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, diabetes and obesity.  Close to one million knee and hip replacement procedures were performed in the US  last year.  While the US remains the largest market with 60% of sales, there is strong demand in emerging Asian and South American countries as well.  Advances in implant technology and design have also helped the industry grow at a rate of 7-10% over the past decade, a trend that is expected to continue.  Innovative products like MJ3's NEO coating will improve implant performance and create niche markets for device manufacturers.  A pie chart of the global human orthopedic market is shown below with projected sales of $61B by 2017.  The versatile NEO coating can be applied to all segments except orthobiologics.






MJ3 is very excited to bring this cutting edge technology to an ever expanding market.  Please contact us for more information about nanospring enhanced osteogenic coatings or to inquire about investment opportunities. 

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