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About MJ3

MJ3 Industries, LLC was founded in 2012 and is located in beautiful north Idaho.  Our main focus is  centered on optimizing our nanospring enhanced osseointegration (NEO) technique to produce osteogenic coatings for orthopedic and dental implants. Nanosprings are a synthetic collagen bionanomaterial that promote bone attachment to implant devices. This coating can be used in both veterinary and human biomedical fields and will coat any manufactured metal/metal alloy or high temperature plastic device.  Augmentating the nanosprings with thin layers of osteogenic proteins and minerals is easily accomplished, and will provide additional benefits for debilitated patients. MJ3's goal is to be a client based provider of this remarkable new technology that can be customized to client specifications.  


The founder, Jamie L. Hass DVM, PhD (Physics), has 26 years of clinical veterinary experience, including 8 years in animal research. Her extensive background and experience give her a unique perspective on the bionanotechnology field. Dr. Hass was the recipient of the 2010 Idaho IDeA Network of Biomedical Excellence (INBRE) fellowship and a 2011 Idaho Early-Stage Innovation Award finalist.  The nanospring osseointegration group was awarded a Higher Education Research Council (HERC) grant 2011-2012.

Figure 2. Radiograph of a dog with severe trauma needing optimum osseointegration. Courtesy of Silver Valley Veterinary Clinic.

MJ3 is in the technology optimization phase of its NEO coating and custom built equipment is being expanded for mid to large scale production.  We will be employing scientists and industrial engineers with strong backgrounds in biology and nanomaterial applications. Quality control is

of the utmost importance to us, as is environmental impact and materials safety.  We look forward to providing quality bone enhancement products that will improve orthopedics and dentistry through nanotechnology.

MJ3 Industries, LLC

PO Box 105

Cataldo, Idaho 83810
Phone 208-660-7297

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